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Ristorane Italiano & Bar





Pane e Olive                                                       £  5.50

Mixed marinated olives, homemade bread, extra virgin olive oil

and balsamic vinegar.


Zuppa del Giorno                                                £  5.95

Chefs homemade soup of the day.


Caprese                                                              £  6.95

Heritage tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and freshly torn basil simply

seasoned and dressed with  extra virgin olive oil.


Gamberoni                                                          £  7.95

Seared King prawns served with a spiced fennel and orange salad.


Cozze e Vongole                                                  £  9.50

Clams and mussels pan fried with onions and garlic served in a cream

and paprika broth with crusty bread.


Bruschetta Salmone Affumicato                        £  7.95

Smoked Salmon and horseradish  mascarpone on bruschettawith pickled cucumber and heritage tomato concasse. 


Polpetta                                                              £ 6.95 

Slow braised pork and lemon meatball cooked in a mint andpancetta tomato sauce and served with homemade bread.


Antipasto Misto       Small  £ 8.50         Large   £ 16.00

Selection of cured meats, fresh parmigiano and grilled vegetables.



Pizza all Aglio -  Garlic Bread                       all    £  5.50


Prezzemolo  -   Olive oil, roast garlic and freshparsley.

Pomodoro    -   Roast garlic, seasoned with house tomato sauce.

Piccante       -   Chilli infused tomato and garlic dressing

Mozzarella   -   Roast garlic with mozzarella cheese.



PASTA           NB Gluten free pasta available


Gnocchi al Ragu                                                 £  11.50 

Potato gnocchi served in a traditional pork

and beef ragu seasonedwith cured meats and finished with fresh parmesan.  


Linguine di Mare                                                £  12.95

Linguine served with clams and prawns , cooked with garlicand chilli in white wine and butter, finished with fresh lemonand parsley.


Rigatoni all's Amatriciana con Pecorino               £  11.50

Ridged, short pasta served with guanciale (cured pork cheek) andchilli in a tomato sugo finished with pecorino Romano.


Fusillata Casareccia con Pesto                        £  10.50

Rustic, twisted short pasta served with a homemade pestoand finished with a pesto salad and cherry tomatoes.


Rigatoni Cinque P                                           £  10.95

Rigatoni served with panna, pancetta, piselli, pepe and pecorino. Cream, Italian smoked belly pork, peas, black pepperand pecorino cheese.


Fusillata al Profumo di Bosco                          £  10.95

Rustic short pasta served with sautéed mushrooms, garlic, fresh spinachand pecorino finished with fresh lemon and white truffle oil.


Lasagne Casa Mia                                               £  11.50

Our Chefs own pork and beef lasagne created in Sheffieldand perfected in Italy.


Fusillata al Forno                                                £  10.95

Rustic short pasta oven baked with a light porcini cream, Mozzarella and parmesan.



CRESPELLE                        ( Filled, baked Pancakes)

Spinaci e Funghi                                               £    10.95 

Spinach, mushrooms and mozzarella.


Pollo e Porcini                                                    £  11.50

Chicken, spinach, mozzarella in porcini and parmesan cream.



 PIZZA  12”    ( GF base available  £ 2.00  Supplement)


Margherita                        (Red)                         £   9.50

Mozzarella and tomato with fresh basil. 


Regina Margherita             (Red)                         £  10.95

Classic Margherita pizza, finished with fresh buffalo mozzarella, torn basil, extra virgin olive oil and shaved parmesan.


Funghi  e Prosciutto                   (Red)               £  10.95

Mushrooms, mozzarella, tomato and cooked ham.


Funghi e Prosciutto                                           £  11.50

Mozzarella, mushrooms and roast garlic pizza, dressed with prosciutto crudo, rocket and parmesan shavings.


Salsiccia e Patata       (white)                           £   10.95 

Mozzarella, Italian sausage and sautéed potato.


Salsiccia e Tartufo          .(White)                      £  11.50

Mozzarella, Italian sausage, mushrooms topped

with fresh rocket and white truffle oil.


Diavola                          (Red)                           £  11.50

Mozzarella, tomato, spicy pepperoni, red onion and chilli.


Quattro Formaggi                (White)                  £  10.95

Mozzarella, gorgonzola, mascarpone and parmesan.



CALZONE    (Folded Pizza)

PolpetteSchiacciate                                          £  13.95

Folded pizza containing pork meatballs and mozzarella served with salad and meatball salsa.


Mozzarella, Funghi e Spinaci                             £  12.50

Folded pizza with mozzarella, mushrooms and spinach served with salad and porcini cream.






Pollo e Pancetta                                                £  15.95

Chicken breast wrapped in pancetta served with sautéed mushrooms,a porcini and tarragon cream and Fondant potato.


Pollo all a Siciliana                                              £  15.95

Seared breast of chicken finished in the oven with lemon, garlic and bay leaves, served with gremolata and Sicilian couscous.


Polpette di Maiale                                              £  13.95

Braised pork and lemon meatballs served in a pancetta and mint sugo with salad and homemade bread.


Saltimbocca di Maiale                                        £  16.95

Thinly sliced pork fillet pan seared with sage, parmesan and prosciutto crudo served with a Marsala cream and fondant potato.


Agnello brasato Lentemente                              £  16.95

Slow braised lamb, served with accompaniment of the day

( see Server for details).  


Calamari e Salsiccia                                           £  15.95

Slow cooked stew of squid and Italian sausage in tomatoes with spiced orange and served with salad and homemade bread.


Pesce per Due                        ( See server for todays catch & price ) 

Seafood platter to share.





All our steaks are premium quality 10oz.


Sirloin   £  21.50             Ribeye   £  21.50


Bistecca con Gorgonzola

Beef steak served with blue cheese and spiced chilli jam.


Bistecca con Funghi

Beef steak with a porcini and Hendersons relish peppercorn sauce.


Bistecca Agro Dolce

Beef steak with peperonata – sweet and sour peppers and griddled courgette.


Tagliata                                                            £  19.95

A Classic Italian Steak

Griddled sirloin traditionally sliced and served with rocket, shaved parmesan, cherry tomatoes and finished with lemon and extra virgin olive oil.



CONTORNI                                                  All  £  2.95                                           

Hand cut sea salt chips.

Rocket and parmesan salad with balsamic or lemon dressing.

Portion of griddled and roast vegetables.

Tomato, red onion and parsley salad.


Homemade bread                                         £  2.50



                               VEGAN  MENU


Zuppa Del Giorno                                          £   5.95

Chefs homemade soup of the day.


Insalata di Pomodoro                                     £   5.95

Heritage tomatoes dressed with a freshly made salsa verde and toasted almonds.


Pane e Olive                                                 £   5.95

Freshly made bread, mixed marinated olives,

extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.


Bruschetta al Pomodoro                                £   5.95

The classic Italian starters of griddled bread rubbed with garlic then topped with seasoned heritage tomatoes and fresh basil.


Pate di funghi                                               £   6.50

Mushroom pate served with crisped homemade bread and grape chutney.


Antipasto Misto      Small  £  6.95        Large  £  13.00

Grillled vegetables, sicillian couscous, tomatoes,

Salsa verde and homemade bread.




Fusillata al Profumo di Bosco                       £  10.95

Short pasta with sautéed mushrooms and fresh spinach, finished with lemon and white truffle oil.


Rigatoni  al Pomodoro Classici                     £  10.50

Rigatoni with fresh diced tomatoes, garlic and basil.


Linguine Aglio Olio Peperoncino                   £    9.95

Linguine with garlic, chilli, fresh parsley, lemon and toasted almonds.


Rigatoni Panna e Porcini                              £  10.95

Rigatoni with sautéed mushrooms, and Hendersons

relish porcini cream reduction.


Create your own Pizza(Choice of 3 toppings)£ 10.95                             



                              Valentines Menu 


 £ 40.00 pp     £ 30.00 pp (vegan/vegearian option)

        On arrival a glass of prosecco or wine



Antipasto Per Due  ( Available as a vegetarian or vegan option). 

Cured meats, griddles and roast veg, mozzarella di bufala wrapped 

in prosciutto crudo, parmesan, olives, bread and oil.  



Tasting plate of seafood bruschetti to share. 

soused Sea Bass, pan seared sweet water prawns with avocado and 

horseradish, smoked Salmon with a dill and roast red pepper mascarpone. 


Zuppe  (vegan option available). 

Two soups and mozzarella and parmesan flatbread to share. 

Pea and mint, wild mushroom, celeriac and white truffle.


Ostriche (requires pre-order)* 

Eight fresh oysters to share, served with a range of dressings.






Pan fried Sea Bass fillet served with sauteed potatoes, crisped pancetta,  

peas and garlic, chilli and parsley butte. 



Tenderise, thinly sliced pork fillet, seasoned with Pecorino Romano and 

served with roast heritage carrots and pea shoot, chestnut and guanciale salad 

with warm red wine reduction dressing. 


Pesce Per Due (requires pre-order) 

Fish plater to share 

Two pan fried Sea Bass fillets, four shell on King Prawns, six fresh water prawns, 

Served with salsa verde, spiced ketchup, tartar sauce and skin on twice cooked chips.


Pasta Ceci (vegan version available) 

Flavoursome stew of chickpeas, winter veg, parmesan and rustic pasta served with a  

Pecorino Romano flatbread. 


Pizza Boacaiola (vegan version available). 

A luxurious white pizza with wild mushroom  and roast garlic finished with fresh rocket, 

Mozzarella di Bufala, shaved Pecorino Romano and white truffle oil. 





Piatto Per Due (vegan version available) 

- Rich chocolate brownie with chocolate sauce and mascarpone. 

- Torta della Nonna(classic Italian pine Kernel, and lemon custard tart) 

- Sweet desert wine with homemade cantucci biscotti. 


To ensure demand is met certain dishes will require a pre-order so we can source the quantities required at this busy time of year from our suppliers. If you have any particular dietary requirements please inform a member of staff at time of booking so that we can accommodate pour needs as efficiently as possible on the night. 


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