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Ristorane Italiano & Bar





Pane e Olive    ( V )                                        £  5.50

Mixed marinated olives, homemade bread,

extra virgin olive oiland balsamic vinegar.


Pizzette            ( V )                                       £  6.50

Strips of white roast garlic pizza bread, with or without

parmesan andserved with a trio of accompaniments.

Pea and mint puree, Italian salsa verde pickles and

dressed Tuscan beans. 


Pizza all Aglio -  (Garlic Bread)  ( V )        all    £  5.50

Prezzemolo  -   Olive oil, roast garlic and fresh parsley.

Pomodoro    -   Roast garlic, seasoned with house tomato sauce.

Piccante      -   Chilli infused tomato and garlic dressing.

Mozzarella   -   Roast garlic with mozzarella cheese.




Zuppa del Giorno   ( V )                                   £  5.50

Chefs homemade soup of the day.


Caprese    ( V )                                                £  6.50

Summer salad of vine ripened tomatoes,

buffalo mozzarella,fresh basil and 

extra virgin olive oil. 


Gamberoni                                                      £  7.95

Seared king prawns served with celeriac,

vine tomatoes and courgette slaw.


Cozze e Vongole          Starter  £  9.50    Main  £ 15.00

Clams and mussels pan fried with onions

and garlic served in a cream and paprika

broth with crusty bread. 


Bruschette Salmone Affumicato              £   6.95

Smoked salmon and sun blushed tomato

marscapone on bruschetta dressed with a

tomato and gherkin dressing.


Antipasto Misto     Small  £ 8.50   Large   £ 16.00

Selection of cured meats, grilled vegetables

and mature Italian cheese, olives and bread.

( Vegetarian optional )



PASTA           NB Gluten free pasta available


Rigatoni  Ragu                                £  11.50             

Rigatoni served in a traditional pork and

beef ragu seasoned with cured meats and

finished with fresh parmesan.


Linguine Trionfo di Mare                           £  12.95

Linguine served with clams and marinated

white anchovies, cooked with garlic and chilli

in white wine and butter, finished with fresh

lemon and parsley.


Fusillata Casareccia con Pesto   ( V )         £  10.50

Rustic twisted short pasta served with a homemade

pesto sauce and finished with cherry tomatoes,

pine nuts and pecorino Romano.


Rigatoni Cinque P                                     £  10.95

Rigatoni served with panna, pancetta, piselli,

pepe and pecorino. (Cream, Italian smoked

belly pork, peas, black pepper and

pecorino cheese).


Fusillata al Profumo di Bosco        (V )       £  10.95

Rustic short pasta served with sautéed

mushrooms, garlic, fresh spinach and

pecorino finished withfresh lemon and

white truffle oil.   


Lasagne Casa Mia                                       £  11.50

Our Chefs own pork and beef lasagne

created in Sheffield and perfected in



Fusillata con Salsiccia  e Piselli                  £  10.95

Rustic short pasta served with fresh

Italian sausage,house tomato sauce,

fresh tomatoes, peas and chilli finished

with parmesan.


Fusillata con Pancetta e Sedano Rapa        £  10.95

Short rustic pasta served with smoked

pancetta, lemon dressed celeriac and

fresh tomatoes finishedwith pecorino

and parsley. 




PIZZA 12” (GF  base available  £ 2.00  Supplement)



Margherita ( V )   (Red)                              £    9.50

Mozzarella and tomato with fresh basil.  


Regina Margherita ( V )   (Red)                   £  10.95

Classic Margherita pizza, finished with

fresh buffalo mozzarella, torn basil,

extra virgin olive oil and shaved parmesan. 


Funghi  e Prosciutto        (Red)                   £  10.95

Mozzarella, tomato, mushrooms and

cooked ham.


Funghi e Prosciutto Crudo  (White)             £  11.50

Mozzarella, mushrooms and roast garlic pizza,

dressed withprosciutto crudo, rocket and

parmesan shavings.


Salsiccia e Patata  (White)                          £  10.95                                 

Mozzarella, Italian sausage and

sautéed potatoes.


Salsiccia e Tartufo  (White)                         £  11.50

Mozzarella, Italian sausage and

mushrooms topped with fresh rocket

and white truffle oil.


Diavola  (Red)                                             £  11.50

Mozzarella, tomato, spicy pepperoni,

red onion and chilli.



CALZONE    (Folded Pizza)


Salsiccia                                                     £  13.95

Folded pizza containing fresh Italian

pork sausage, tomatoes and mozzarella

served with a salad garnish and meatball



Funghi e Spinaci  ( V )                                  £  12.50                                                             

Folded pizza containing  with mozzarella,

mushrooms and spinach served with salad

garnish and porcini cream salsa.







Pollo e Pancetta                                           £  15.95

Oven roasted chicken breast wrapped

in pancetta served with a creamy porcini

mushroom andtarragon sauce and

Chunky chips.


Pollo Marinato                                               £  15.95                                                             

Chicken breast marinated with lemon,

bay and garlic, served with an endive

and Sicilian couscous salad.


Tagliata Classicca                                         £  20.50                                

10oz Sirloin Steak, griddled and traditionally

sliced served with rocket, cherry tomatoes

and shaved parmesan and finished with lemon

and extra virgin olive oil.


Tagliata con Funghi                                         £  21.50                                

10oz Sirloin Steak, griddled and traditionally

sliced served with a porcini and Hendersons

relish peppercorn sauce and crisped potato



Gamberoni e Sambuca                                     £  16.95

Seared king prawns served in a cream, tomato and

sambuca sauce with sambuca slaw and endive.    


Salmone Casa Mia                                            £  16.95

House cured salmon fillet served with a potato and

tomato salad and peppered mascarpone.



CONTORNI                                All    £  2.95  


Chips and Dip

Chunky chips served with house Ketchup.


Rocket  Salad

Served with shaved parmesan and lemon.


Tomato and red onion Salad

Served with balsamic dressing and endive.


Casa Mia’s homemade bread.                           £  2.00 



                               VEGAN  MENU




Zuppa Del Giorno                                             £   5.50

Chefs homemade soup of the day.


Pane e Olive                                                    £   5.50

Freshly made bread, mixed marinated olives,

extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.


Bruschetta al Pomodoro                                   £   5.95

The classic Italian starters of griddled bread

rubbed with garlic then topped with seasoned

heritage tomatoes and fresh basil.


Pate di funghi                                                  £   6.50

Mushroom pate served with crisped

homemade bread and grape chutney. 


Antipasto Misto              Small  £  6.95   Large  £  13.00

Grillled vegetables, sicillian couscous,

tomatoes, Salsa verde and homemade



Pizza all Aglio ( Garlic Bread )                          £   5.00  

See Stuzzichini.




Fusillata al Profumo di Bosco                            £  10.95

Short pasta with sautéed mushrooms and

fresh spinach, finished with lemon and

white truffle oil.


Rigatoni al Pomodoro Classici                            £  10.50

Rigatoni with fresh diced tomatoes,

garlic and basil. 


Linguine Aglio Olio Peperoncino                         £    9.95

Linguine with garlic, chilli, fresh parsley,

lemon and toasted almonds.


Rigatoni Panna e Porcini                                    £  10.95

Rigatoni with sautéed mushrooms, and

Hendersons relish porcini cream reduction.


Create your own Pizza (Choice of 3 toppings)     £  10.95                           



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